Nordic Cross Ski (Military) Training

The Combat Ski Mobility Training Courses are tailored to organisational needs. The course content focuses upon the military application, by emphasising the correct ski movement patterns while operating both with and without weight. The full range of ski techniques can be practiced and can be focused upon by both novice skiers and those more experienced with skill fade..

Four Day -  Novice Course:

The Nordic Cross Ski NCS (Military) training will provide practical land based ski simulation with fundamental ski movement patterns for the skill transfer to snow. This training programme will build upon the initial induction phase and further develop competence to travel confidently using NCS, whilst increasing distance using recognised technique. Learners will further develop military skiing skills whilst carrying weapons and equipment, traveling over mixed terrain, and gaining awareness of the operational demands.

Three Day - Instructor familiarisation Course:

This training is designed for experienced military cross country ski instructors with a recommendation to become a NCS (Military) instructor.

The NCS (Military) Instructor Course will provide a comprehensive overview on the benefits and scope of NCS for military personnel.  The programme will acknowledge and recognise the prior learning and experience of military instructors and offer a practical and verbal delivery of the syllabus with question and responses to both confirm and reinforce understanding.



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