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Nordic Cross Skis

The Skike V9 200s
• Robust and are capable of a 120kg loading
• The ski has a stable platform which replicates the military ski
• Quick and easy to fit, compatible to the military boot
• Classic diagonal gait ski technique
• Skate ski technique
• All terrain capability
• Flexible - each set of skis are size variable 5 - 14
• Calf brakes which enable controlled descents and are effective on the steepest hills
• Easy to maintain and repair
• Cost effective with excellent product lifespan

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Why Nordic Cross Skiing?

Pre-deployment ski training can mimic the exact biomechanical and skill acquisition needs of the deploying rank. The ski acquisition training develops muscle memory in a safe training environment that can be progressive in techniques and physicality, as well as embedding progressive skill acquisition which is recommended for a pre-deployment ski specific training package.

The benefits of Nordic Cross Skiing for operational duties are:

• Direct transfer of skill for ski specific movement patterns
• Ski specific fitness and muscular conditioning
• Increased confidence in participants
• Substantial time saving in the novice instruction phase
• Opportunity to maintain skills and provide realistic exercise opportunities within the UK
• The ability to replicate skiing with equipment

The wider benefits of Nordic Cross Skiing are:

Nordic Cross Skis will raise the ski specific skill standards prior to attending a winter deployment. A progressive land-based training programme has the potential to significantly reduce the ‘on snow’ novice phase and increase the time available to focus upon the development of the operational role.

Musculoskeletal injury (MSKI) continues to be a major health risk for UK Defence. Disproportionately more injuries occur during military training, including Cold Weather Warfare training. It is proven that a pre-ski skills training programme prior to Winter Deployment will reduce MSKI.

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