"Brent has been delivering Combat Ski Mobility training on Nordic Cross Skates for me as the Royal Navy Wintersports Development Office for the last 12 months. In this time, we have undertaken countless training serials and events to support the development of Nordic Cross Skiing in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. The outcomes being to increase awareness of Wintersports to develop biathletes and to aid Musculoskeletal Injury reduction through poor skiing techniques learnt on short introduction courses.

Brents enthusiasm, professionalism, commitment shines through every time and without him we would not have shown that this platform and training reduces the likelihood of MSKI in service personnel completely. Our research shows that those that completed the training package reported no injuries when deployed on operations this winter. The extent of this success has paved the way for future winter deployment training which is an outstanding result."


"I came into contact with Brent through my contacts with the UKRM. Right from the start he did a great job of informing me about all the ins and outs regarding Nordic skiing and the (Skike) Nordic Cross Skate. He was open to all my questions about possible application in the NL marines. He also made me think about introducing it to the Navy as well. He got me a set to try myself and I was immediately impressed by the applicability and ease with which I could move and train in various terrain.

As a (military) skier myself I immediately recognised the advantages of training in this professional way but also the application in coordination, balance, technique and other basic physical skills. Brent is an authority in this field and, in addition to his professional attitude, also a kind and engaging person. During his workshop in the Netherlands at the branch day of our sports organisation, he gave PTIs and key officials a very good impression of the application of the Nordic Cross Skates. He brought this in a professional and engaging manner. My colleagues were all very enthusiastic about his contribution and teaching example. This has further resulted in us testing this year and applying it within our field, prior to the run-up for winter training.

I am sure that together with Brent, we have created something that can grow into efficient ski skills preparation for the NL Marine."

Rob (NL Navy / Marines)

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